Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Ivy was a bit under the weather on New Years Eve but that didn't stop us from ringing in the new year in style, and by style I mean pajamas.  It was actually lovely to drink champagne while playing Monopoly and reminiscing about all the great moments and memories of 2016.  

Most memorable moments :
-Skiing in Vermont
-Disney Cruise
-Seeing Matilda on Broadway before it closes
-Spending almost the whole summer in the Hamptons 
-Ivy starting a new school
-Girls getting bunk beds
-Our mini Boston adventure
-mommy/daughter adventures (making cupcakes, swimming, cat cafe)
-Super Special Birthdays at Ample Hills (Ivy) and Chocolate Works (Violet)
-Piercing Ears! (Violet)
-Getting a gazillion dollar ticket on the beach in E. Hampton
-Violet learning to read

Everyone is hitched

The first ones to get engaged are the last ones to get married.  Sounds like a wise proverb, but it's just the reality for Vika and Sereja who tied the knot after an 8 year engagement.  It was just two days before the end of the year on a very cold Friday morning, in a very packed City Hall, when the crazy kids said "I do".  

Klaymans...they are just like us

What is it we do when we're home alone with our kids you ask? Ok, no one is really asking that but if they were....  we fool around, torture Alexa, play cards, and eat extremely healthy food (not!).

School Picture

Christmas: gingerbread houses, snowflakes, presents, and non stop eating...

I realize I am posting this in February and Christmas is now a distant memory but here a few pics of the man gingerbread houses and snowflakes we made that month.  

Dinner and a Show

The kids are now 4 and 6 and we've ventured into a fantastic (newish) territory where we can take them almost anywhere and it requires no planning and barely any additional effort.  I left work early one Friday and stopped by the TKTS booth, bought tickets to Matilda (now off Broadway), picked up the kids from school and headed into the city for a dinner (sushi of course) and the show.  What an incredible show!  Its months later and we are still listening to the soundtrack and even watched the movie version.  The kids eyes were glued to the stage and their mouths wide open as they watched the highly dynamic and engrossing show.  Next on our list: Lion King.

Annual Christmas Party

It was the Klaymans year to host our annual Christmas party and gift exchange. I went all out this year and cooked everything from scratch.  It was a big hit,  In the process, I discovered a love for hosting and stuffing people.  Every morsel of food was eaten, so it was either incredibly delicious or my friends are fat bastards.  On the menu was: burrata and tomato, walnut and goat cheese salad, lobster pot pie, duck with side of rice, glazed carrots and brussel sprouts.  For desert everyone got an individual small tin of chocolates from our trip to Paris.