Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Meet my mom and dad

Meet Anna.  She's in advertising and enjoys spending time outdoors and eating sushi.  Meet Gene.  He is as big as a tiger and enjoys cooking and spending time at grandma's house.

Like mama, like daughter

Ivy and I sporting matching dress and tiara

Selfie Stick

Our first (and likely our last) selfie stick photo!

Monday, July 27, 2015

New York, New York

Not that I needed it, but just another reminder of how much I love New York.  After all these years, that skyline is still impressive.

 Tom Fruin, Kolonihavehus
Jeppe Hein

Baby Ivy is 3!

Ivy, when you were born, Violet was 2  years and 3 months.  As I held you in my arms, I thought, one day you too will be a toddler -- a big girl!  At the time, the thought seemed silly and truly unimaginable.  It's 3 years later and you've blossomed so much since those early days.  You walk and talk and have the determination that can only be compared to your mother's during a game of Candy Crush.  You're independent and strong willed and never ask your parents for anything --mostly because you go after it yourself.  Truthfully, it's terrifying and I am not surprised when I find you trying to stack two chairs together to reach your toys.  While all the signs of you being a big girl are right there in front of me, in my mind, you will always be my baby Ivy.