Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ringling Brothers (and Barnum and Bailey)

We recently had a wonderful time at the circus but I couldn't help but feel guilty about attending an event that's been under scrutiny for animal cruelty.  I am not sure how much truth there is to it but generally speaking, any animal captivity (circus, zoo, etc.) seems a bit cruel. OK, now that that's off my chest, here are some cute selfies of that day.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I am THAT Mom

You know that mom on Pinterest that everyone hates?  You know the one.  She's either knitting sweaters for her kids or making her whole grain, gluten-free snacks into all sorts of fun shapes.  Normally I am not so crafty, but when I saw this recent time-saving idea, I kind of fell in love with it.  It's a binder where you keep all the different foods your kids eat and you can then shuffle them around to create weekly menus.   I used vinyl business card holders and the front of the card has the name of the food and the back is used for recipes (where required).   The hope is to continue to expand this as the kids' taste changes and include more food .  Let's see how this goes!

Friday, February 28, 2014


(entering Chez Moi)

Anna: I love this place!  I don't know if it's the lighting or how cozy it is, but it just makes me feel like everyone here knows our name - kind of like that bar on the show Cheers.  What was the name of it?
Gene: Cheers?
Anna: No, that can't be it.

Photogenic Phamily

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lego-mania and Prospect Park Zoo

Saturday was all about legos.  Gene and Violet went to the see The Lego Movie and about 45 minutes into it Violet announced that it was a long movie and that she was ready to go home.   This was right about the time that Ivy woke up from her nap so we continued with the lego theme and drove up to Westchester's Lego Land.  It was a giant disgusting germ fest but the kids had a blast.  The only way to get them out of there was to buy some very overpriced legos at the gift shop and promise them that they can play when they got home.  Even though it was after 9pm when we got home, we kept our promise and let the kids stay up - secretly hoping that they will wake up later.   No such luck!  Sunday morning was spent at the zoo and the afternoon relaxing and strolling around the Piers while watching a breathtaking sunset. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

President's Day Weekend

President's day weekend was fantastic and jam packed with fun activities.  Friday night was Valentine's day and we dropped the kids off at their grandparents and had a romantic night out at Eleven Madison Park.  The best part?  

Sleeping in on Saturday!!! 

Brunch was next on the list and we headed to uncharted territory: Fort Defiance in Red Hook.  It was delicious up until the waitress brought our coffee in filthy mugs, but apparently that's OK because, well...because it's Red Hook.  The rest of our Saturday was spent running errands (food shopping, dry cleaning, salvation army, etc.) and sadly being so productive was thrilling.  

Sunday morning we went to see Sesame Street Live: Elmo makes Music at MSG.  Ivy probably liked it more than Violet, who seemed a bit bored.  Their favorite part was buying the kitsch they sell before the shows.  We probably have at least 5 or 6 of those tacky spinning, light-up wands and we keep getting suckered into buying more at every single kid event.   That evening I thought it would be a fun idea to make pizza (with pre-made dough I bought at Trader Joe's) and it was fun, up until Ivy thought it would be a good idea to bathe in the flour.  The four of us then huddled around the oven and watched the cheese bubble up.  It was actually a really sweet family moment.  Violet refused to eat the pizza but the rest of us were less picky. Definitely a step up from frozen pizza but not quite Lucali or Sottocasa.  

Monday morning was another frigid Winter day but that didn't stop us from bundling up in several layers and going to check out the new ice skating rink in Prospect Park (LeFrak at Lakeside).  Ever since the start of the Sochi Olympics Violet has been gliding around the living room in her socks and pretending to figure skate.  I am thrilled that she is showing interest in a (semi) sport.  At first she was shaky on her skates.  Actually, Gene described it as clinging on to him for dear life while being dragged around the rink.  But then she slowly got more and more into it and by the end, she was able to skate while holding on to Gene's hand.  She's no Julia Lipnitskaia but for her first time, she did great!  Later that afternoon we went to Twinkle Playspace in Williamsburg to book Violet's 4th Birthday Party.  The kids ran around and Violet met Oliver who she forced to chase her around while she barked commands like, "Follow me, I am the leader".  He eventually got annoyed or bored (or both) and ran away, which of course resulted in tears from Violet who was incredibly hurt by his insolence. When I asked her why she was crying, she sobbed uncontrollably and was able to finally get the words out, "thaaatttt boyyy. aaahhh. that boyy...waaa...he didn't let me be the the the the leadeeeerrrrr."   It was time to go home.  The weekend really was lovely.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From Ivy with Love

From a very young age we saw that Ivy and Violet were really different when it came to their need (and display) of affection.  Violet was never really into cuddling and when I picked her up in her baby years, she was more interested in looking around than being held.  Ivy on the other hand, loves to snuggle and when I pick her up, she nuzzles her little face into my neck and can stay that way for a very long time.  Besides loving physical affection, she is also a hopeless romantic and even leaves me little love notes.  Let me explain. They aren't love notes exactly but pretty sure they have the same goal.  She hides random objects in my belongings and I usually find them when at work or while cleaning.  When I do find them, they always make me smile. Yesterday there was a plastic spoon in my laptop bag.  Today, there was a rubber ball in my boot.  That Ivy sure knows the way to my heart.