Monday, September 22, 2014

Mommy, I want ...?

Violet: Mommy, I want a doggie.
Me: Violet, we can't keep a dog in our apartment, it's far too small.  Doggies love to have space and run around outside.  We would need to have a big house to have a doggie.
Violet: Mommy, I want boobies.
Me: Wait. What?

Violet's First Day of Pre-K

Changing Seasons and Changes at Home

September was a big transition month for the Klayman clan. Not only did both girls start new schools - Little Snowflakes for Ivy and A. Fantis for Violet, but here a few other thing that are changing:

  • No more high chair.   That's right, the hideous white and orange contraption is now gone from our living room/kitchen.  Unfortunately it's now taking up half of our bedroom until we can be sure that Ivy won't fall and injure herself....again.
  • Goodbye strollers.  Both girls are walking to school so stroller use is limited to weekends.  I have mixed feelings about this one as the walk to school with Ivy can sometimes feel very, very long.  I often end up getting too frustrated and carrying her half of the way.
  • Violet's bedrail is now collecting dust next to the high chair.  This was another hideous white contraption that made its way to our room for safekeeping until we can rest assured that Violet won't fall off the bed.  The first night we took it off, she immediately fell off the bed, but since then she's had a pretty good record of sleeping in one spot. 
  • Ivy's crib is now a toddler bed. This is probably the least successful transition of the bunch.  Ivy loves getting in and out of bed and has been doing so until the wee hours of the night.  She started to climb out of bed in the middle of the night and makes her way to our room, with blankie and pillow in tow.  Gene and I take turns trying to convince her to go back to her own bed but usually by the third or fourth nightly visit we give up and make room for her in our bed. Unlike Violet, she isn't very considerate when it comes to co-sleeping or staying in one spot. Somehow I am always her cuddle target.

Little Seeds Graduation

Violet graduated Preschool this summer and I got more emotional than I care to admit.  I know it's the first of many graduations, each signifying a step closer to her leaving the nest.  I am so not ready for this growing up business.
Violet (the ballerina)and her BFF Zoe
The Amazing Ms. Candy with the graduating class
Violet volunteering to help Ms. Candy with her magic show
Beautiful cake with the names of the graduating class
Violet accepting the photo book with incredible memories of the last two years
From top left, going clockwise: Jamie, Nico, Georgia, Sophie, Rub, Owen, Violet, David, Zoe, Coco and Dash
Violet and Ruby
Violet and Catherine
Violet and Jaime

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Soccer Ball

It was the final soccer game of the season for Gene and Jon so Lana and I took the kids to "watch" the "action".  And by "watch" I mean run around like crazy and by "action" I mean when they almost scored that one time.  Just kidding, you guys did great!

Kerhonkson, NY

If you told me a few years ago that I will one day vacation in Kerhonkson, I would have probably laughed in your face.  But alas, we rented a house, invited the families, packed our bags and drove up to the Catskills to BBQ, hike and enjoy nature. It was a very busy week! #needavacation
All Packed!
Jumping Pillow at Kelder's Farm
Hiking to Awosting Falls in Minnewaska State Park
Yet another hike.  This time around Lake Minnewaska.
View from the top
Lake Minnewaska
It wouldn't be a vacation if Gene didn't find a BBQ joint
Eating sushi at Momiji for uncle Peter's Birthday
Catskills: sushi capital of the world!
My brotha from anotha motha
Mommy, look what I picked at the farm!  You promise it will taste like candy?

That is one big corn!
Violet feeding her new best friends
Hiking to the creek next to our house
Playing in the creek
Yet another creek picture.  Last one, I promise!  
Gene's home turf
Park on our property
Quenching our thirst on the way to Stony Kill Falls
After two hours of hiking through the woods without a trail (following a creek) we finally made it to Stony Kill Falls.

Weekend in Poconos

A weekend in Poconos with BBQing, blueberry picking and a few silly faces.